Vote NO on Proposition 1.

No Discrimination in Spokane!

Spokane is an inclusive and welcoming community. We believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. We believe our community thrives when everyone feels safe.

But right now, our families and our values are under attack.

A west-side special interest group wants to change our laws and promote discrimination that hurts all of us. Proposition 1 will make our communities less safe and is bad for our economy.

For over a decade, the Spokane Police Department has prohibited officers from discriminating against people based on the color of their skin, accent, or perceived citizenship status. Proposition 1 reverses this, and it doesn’t just stop with the police. It would allow all city employees, including those working at parks, in parking enforcement, or taking utility payments, to stop and question the citizenship status of people based on their skin color or accent.

Everyone should feel safe to call the police and report a crime. This will endanger the safety of our community and spread fear and distrust. This is Trump’s agenda at the local level.

We won’t let any special interest group use hate, fear, and prejudice to pit us against each other and divide our community. Vote NO on Proposition 1!